Flying the Feathered Edge

I recommend this film. I saw it at the 2014 Napa Valley Film Festival. Although a bit long, it tells the story of a truly remarkable man.

Nicknamed 'The Pilot's Pilot' by his peers yet largely unknown outside aviation, legend Robert A. 'Bob' Hoover, 92, is considered by many to be our greatest living aviator. Bob dreamed of being a fighter pilot but was too tall, with poor eyesight and an acute case of airsickness. With determination and out of the box thinking, he went on to become an accomplished experimental test pilot helping to launch the world into the jet age. In FLYING THE FEATHERED EDGE, Hoover tells his own story - joined by some of the best and brightest minds in aerospace today - and reveals hard earned wisdom from a life spent pushing the edge of the flight envelope while contributing to aviation's many developments.