Portishead | Third (2008)

Trip hop. The chill continues. Music that makes me want to lean back, close my eyes, and close my mind to my own problems while I listen to someone else’s. I found this lower key, even more haunting than their 1994 album <em>Dummy</em>

And if I should fall, would you hold me?
Would you pass me by?
For you know I’d ask you for nothing
Just to wait for a while
— Portishead "Hunter"

Portishead | Dummy (1994)

[Portishead] wrote evocative pseudo-cabaret pop songs that subverted their conventional structures with experimental productions and rhythms of trip-hop. As a result, Portishead appealed to a broad audience — not just electronic dance and alternative rock fans, but thirtysomethings who found techno, trip-hop, and dance as exotic as world beat.
— Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Even though I'm just "discovering" them and almost out of my 40s, the quote above pretty much sums up my feelings. Very nice... one can either sit back and trip to their sound or listen intently to the poetic, hauntingly sung lyrics. Either way, it's enjoyable.