What can happen in a second?

A very young Michael Crawford sang "It Only Takes a Moment".

He was wrong. I've been in and out of love to varying intensities several times in my life and it's never happened in a moment -- neither the falling in nor falling out of love -- but the whole romantic idea is cool. Hearing this beautiful song in the musical Hello Dolly… well… it's a feel-good moment.

Perhaps that's what only takes a second: achieving a feel-good moment; sometimes even approaching an emotional orgasm.

A Big Bang got everything started. And we've been all about big bang moments ever since.

There are a few happy things that come to mind. In one second I can be delighted in seeing a baby smile. A cuddle from my dog can fill me with warmth in a second.

As a seriously introverted person, I’m leery of things that happen quickly. And unfortunately, my experience is that moments aren't always good. In fact, they aren't even usually good.

At my house…

In one second my wife can hurt my feelings.

In one second I can launch a verbal attack back at her.

In one second she can get really mad at me.

In one second I can become self righteous.

In one second I can become indignant.

I can be critical in one second.

In one second I can become impatient.

In one second she can dig her emotional defensive position and so can I.

It takes a lot longer than one second for us to get over these hurts.

Just the fact that the negatives seem to flow to this list easier than the positives tells me something about moments and probably tells you something about me

Sadness and hurt happen faster than joy. They also last longer.