Why do these targets still exist if we know where they are?

A few days ago, Egypt launched air strikes against ISIS targets in Libya, striking weapons caches and training camps. The strikes were in retaliation for the execution style murders of Egyptian Coptic Christians.

A few weeks ago, in revenge for the murder of a Jordanian pilot, Jordan conducted an air campaign against "ISIS's weapon depots, training centres, warehouses and military barracks."

The United States has been conducting an air campaign against ISIS since last Fall.

Why are there any worthwhile ISIS targets left?

I think it's time ISIS ceased to exist as a viable military force. Yes, I know defeating them and retaking the ground they have conquered will take more, preferably International, military and diplomatic efforts. We will ultimately need to deal with the situation that encouraged dangerous religious fanaticism to grow. BUT, there is no reason we can't wipe their traditional military capability off the map.