One of my photos was used in a music video and they even asked permission!

"La Posada Gift"

"La Posada Gift"

It comes at around 54 seconds in Lisa Wilson's song "Christmas Dreams". Thank you, Lisa, for reaching out to all the photographers and asking permission before using our work. It's the right way to do things. Give it a listen to show you support independently published music and the respect for intellectual property.

Music from 1971: The Doors | L.A. Woman and Can | Tago Mago

The Doors | "L.A. Woman"

Awesome writing, top notch musicianship... of course the fact that this is a great album is news to no one. Still, it's fun to be reminded to give it a relisten now and then.

Can | "Tago Mago"

Some albums get better each time you listen to them. Some don't. And SOME even get worse. I was intrigued the first few times I listened to "Tago Mago" but the discordance and free form soloing eventually drove me up the wall. Some experiments should not be conducted.